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Learn how multiplication works

Learn how to solve multiplication word problems by creating models using blocks. A tutor guides you through each problem.

This site uses arrays to help you visualize how multiplication works.  Experiment with different numbers and arrays.

Information about multiples followed by a quiz and game

Read through the pages of this tutorial to learn about solving multiplication problems using different strategies.

Play this game with a partner, or against the computer. Move the green marker to the factors to form products.

Drag and drop the cards to make "sum sense" with multiplication sentences.

In this game you will choose a target number and find the factor combinations that will equal your target number

Put the correct answer to the multiplication or division problem in the math machine to advance to the next problem

Solve the multiplication problems to protect your space station from the incoming meteors

Scoop fish from the correct tank to solve single digit multiplication problems
Scoop the correct ice cream to solve single digit multiplication problems

Practice Problems
Use a factor tree to find the prime factors of a given number

Test your skill by solving the problems

Print worksheets from this site to practice multiplication problems

Print worksheets from this site to practice multiplication problems


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