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Classroom Expectations

 Homework Philosophy/ Expectations:
     Homework is given, on average, twice a week. Students are given time in class to start their assignment in case they have any questions before they leave. They will only be given assignments on materials we've previously covered in class. Students in my math class will be graded based on the effort they have put into an assignment, not necessarily how many they get correct or incorrect. Quizzes, Tests, and Projects will be based on accuracy and mastery of the material.
        If you're concerned that your student isn't receiving enough homework, I encourage you to visit the site This site provides unlimited practice on every topic we cover during the school year. If you would like to check on your student's current grade, please check their Infinite Campus Account.

Behavior Expectations:
        I expect that children who enter my classroom will do so prepared for class and with a willingness to complete the day's task. They are expected to be respectful to myself or any presenter that is addressing the class as a whole, or students individually. Students are also expected to treat their classmates with kindness and respect. Students who do not meet these expectations will be subject to increasing consequences. These include but are not limited to: A friendly reminder of the expectations, loss of house points, loss of classroom privileges, a retention with Mr. Henyan, and finally an office referral.

Other Academic expectations:
        The students in my classroom are expected to keep up with the material and turn in any assignments in a timely manner. Should a student miss one of my classes, it is their responsibility to come see me at their earliest opportunity and get any assignments that they have missed. Should a student begin to fail my class, they will be expected to stay after school with me on a weekly basis to get the assignments they owe turned in or redone, depending on the situation.

Revised 2/6/12

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